Hello, I'm Alyson

Being the 90’s child that I am, home-video was my first medium as a visual artist. So you could say I’ve been doing this work forever or at least since my friends (and barbies) became movie stars. My productions never ceased throughout each stage of life, and in college my cousin asked me to film her wedding. However, the lightbulb “I could do this as a profession” didn’t go off because I was pursuing a degree in Biology at the time.

I completed the degree, and soon after I met my boyfriend, Danny. And soon after that, I moved to North Carolina to live with him. In my first few months living on the beach, I met a crossroads. I didn’t feel the inspiration to continue in the direction of marine conservation, and I felt a longing to live a more creative life. To grad-school, or not grad-school, that was the question.

I decided to choose the creative life and the rest is history. For the past seven years, I have traveled to places like Sweden, Aruba, and Alaska to name a few to create films for weddings and businesses. Choosing to live a more creative life has fostered many great adventures.

I’ve realized through the years that video is just how I communicate. Even as a kid, I had that camcorder in hand so I could drop into the artist’s mind of truly seeing. Making videos helps me taste and express the world around me. I want to show people: “Hey, I see you, and you’re awesome. Watch this so you can see what I see.”

Alpine Tree Films began on the beach in North Carolina, but I now reside in the small mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado. Life is good. Thank you for taking the time to be here.


Elsa Tharp Director of FREIGHT Leadville

Elsa Tharp Director of FREIGHT Leadville

Fun, yet unobtrusive, Alyson catches a party’s most intimate moments without injecting herself. It’s a true gift. With only a few hours to capture the entirety of a group of people, she manages to really understand your guests and the myriad of personalities. For a wedding, she focuses on the tenor of the couple yet understands the people who love them so much.
Lauren & Nick

Lauren & Nick

Alyson was an absolute pleasure. She was professional, unobtrusive, and an integral part of our wedding day.
Nicole & Chauncey

Nicole & Chauncey

My husband and I are obsessed with our wedding video. Thank you to Alpine Tree Films for this amazing memory we can cherish forever.

Videography With Personal Touch

My favorite part about working with video is the in-between moments where I can laugh and enjoy the people I work with. I love meeting each couple and instantly seeing why they are special. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.
Buena Vista, Colorado
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